Innovation a most reckoned word in various institutes, organizations, research and development centers, and much more, and reason why it has been given so much importance because of its role in development of mankind. We at InnovationsOne work for implementing INNOVATIVE ideas with intelligence and it is the  One way to giving back to the Human society an ease and comfort of living that they deserve.
For instance our first product GLOCAL.
Long time back in year 2016 while chatting we observed that we Indians really do chat in Hinglish (a denoting language in which letters are in English but meaning is in Hindi language). What strike us that time is that none of the search engines were able to provide me good results for search string in Hinglish the way we chatting. That clearly indicates few things:
Language is still a barrier for search, though internet really progressed so much.

People still not getting perfect results when they search in natural way, the way they chat like “Mujhe Mumbai se Delhi jaana hai” a query in Hinglish which means I want to go to Mumbai from Delhi.

2. Search results are dependent on keywords which are mostly in English hence very little support for queries which are in non-English languages.
So we decided to work on this and created Glocal, which can help people to search in same way they communicate in messengers. Glocal uses open source APIs to convert macaronic language to base or native language such as Hindi and then convert it to English language. Then it feed data to search engine such as Google and let users to get appropriate results.

Glocal is search enabler which enable users to search in Macaronic language in natural way.

Please watch this short video for demo.